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Akij Group

The Largest Group Of Company In Bangladesh.test

Akij group is one of the largest leading groups in Industrial sector having 26 units of industries spread over Bangladesh & providing employment to about 50 thousandpersons..
Recently, Group has established particle industry in Malaysia in collaboration with local entrepreneur.
Besides, doing business and establishment of industries, group has been doing welfare activities for betterment of poor people.
By this time, Group has established Madrash, mosque, technical institute, school, collage & orphanage to meet the needs of different categories of people.

To do above works systematically Akij Trust
was established in 2007.

Education program, treatment management, supply of medicines & equipments are being done through different institutes such as social welfare department of Bangladesh, different hospital authorities and heads of educational institutes.
It may be mentioned here that we are distributing fund amounting taka 40 lacs for poor patients through hospital rogi kollayan somites all over Bangladesh.
Beside above amount, we are also distributing money for operation/treatment etc. to deserving persons on receipt of applications.

Stipend for education both technical and general are being disbursed to recipients directly through bank account. Candidates are being selected by heads of institutions. Stipend period is extended on consideration of satisfactory result at different stages. Most of fund to meet above requirement is coming from Zakat fund.

Akij group takes special interest in the matter of treatment of complications of eye. In the meantime, 4800 cataract patients have been operated upon at the cost of taka about one crore. Process will continue. Akij group is also spending money by providing incubator (warmer), ventilator and bubble CPAP machine etc. for better treatment of new born children. Mothers’problems is also being addressed.

Presently, office of Akij Trust is situated 13/1 ka, Panthopath, Dhaka-1205 with 06 officers. System has been developed for quick distribution of zakat fund to targeted people for treatment, education, self-employment, training, relief items etc.

Most of works are being digitalized for smooth functioning.

Payment is being done to recipients thought personal bank account. Applications are also being received through email & other services.Beneficiaries need not come to office for any business. Call center is regularly maintaining communication with the beneficiaries of all types’ expressing our sympathy ensuring receipt of our assistance. All of our activities are being- performed in close co-operation with accounts & banking department, sales & marking department, planning & implementation department of Akij group .Office is running almost with papers.

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